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shit guys, wow. I remember making this blog a year ago and not expecting much. I also remember the struggle with it and all the wonderful friends I met on this. You guys are so great and I’m really happy you put up with all my constant disappearances and stick around. I promise I’m not abandoning the blog I’m just stressed with school being a junior and stuff. BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH OMG. suggest something I should do for you guys.

hey guys I made an instagram for the purpose of you guys following so

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dear roleplays, canon or OC, you guys should follow this blog please!

Headcanon #334: “ Crona has a big scar on his/her back where Ragnarok occasionally pops out.”

Art Credit: X

Submission: zombieshrooms

Headcanon #333: “Maka’s mom up and left, and Spirit’s the one writing the post cards, trying to make Maka feel not so abandoned.”

Art Credit: homeless homo

Headcanon #332: “Even though Black Star isn’t exactly one of the horniest of the Soul Eater Cast. Whenever he sees Tsubaki his demeanor completely changes and he will go as long as that woman wants him to.”

Art Credit: CrimsonCobwebs

Submission: Melmalfoy


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Wow guys! I’m sorry for my disappearances all the time. I’m going to change up the theme and make some more headcanons. i swear this blog isn’t dead it’s on hiatus. 

Headcanon #331: “Black★Star has no birthday and no one knows his real age. Growing up he was slightly jealous and lonely whenever someone had a birthday party. So when they did he would play pranks on them. And up to this day he has yet to have one of his own.”

Art Credit: 紙袋 扉